So my couch to 5k begins.

I decided to write a blog to follow my progress so I don’t bother my friends with my updates and posts all over social media. 

For anyone that knows me, knows that fitness was never my top priority, unless it was dancing away on a Saturday night πŸ’ƒπŸΌ however everyone is right with what they say, when you hit 30 your weight creeps on, and eventually you have to do something about it 😱

I love walking, and could walk for miles, go hillwalking,enjoying the views β›° and it gives you time to think and clear your head. Which a busy mum to 3  certainly needs, but it doesn’t provide a challenge, apart from trying to find the time to go πŸ•°

So after thinking about it off and on, I just decided one day to go for it!!! 

On went my old trainers, some leggings and a top. I had already downloaded the bbc’s couch to 5k, so Sarah Milligan was explaining to me how this would work.

The first few times went well, all I could think about was remembering to breath😱 I went out when it was sunny, in the rain, but every time enjoyed it! Which I had no idea I would. 

So I bought some middle of the road trainers (I know I should get properly fitted ones, however if this was a fad that only lasted a few weeks I wasn’t willing to pay the money!!)

And off I went on day 4! It was raining, but that hasn’t put me off, my trainers felt fine, but I did struggle to keep with the timings of the couch to 5k. As always when I got back home I resembled a beetroot 🌢 (so emojis don’t have a beetroot! But I thought a pepper was pretty apt to!) 

That afternoon however, both my knees were sore, they niggled on the Thursday as well, so decided not to run on the Friday as was away at the weekend, and knew I would have a lot of walking, so thought best not to!

Well sure enough a lot of walking I did on Saturday, and my knees were killing me by Saturday night, and the same for the next few days. I had got to the point that I could hardly walk through the pain, never mind jog through it, which a few of my friends had suggested (don’t think they realised the pain I was in!)

Off to the docs I went, and apparently I had irratated the muscles on the inside of my knees, so strong painkillers, anti-inflammatory’s and rest for 2 weeks (yes because a busy mum of 3 gets that chance πŸ˜‚) and to wear my new trainers while walking to break them in!

I was over the moon when I came out as realised he hadn’t told me not to jog. I had only been doing it 1 week but had loved getting out, forgetting everything and I had also so much more energy! Who knew πŸ˜‰

So my 2 weeks is just about up, my knees feel better, and I just can’t wait. We are away on holiday next week. But I am going to take my things with me to start while I am away, mainly because we have a hot tub, and what better ways to stop any niggles πŸ˜‚

So watch this space and wish me luck. It’s my birthday in a month so new proper trainers are on my wish list. I just need to last till then! 

So let’s see what Monday brings!